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SaasRock 0.8 introduces a powerful new feature called page blocks. Page blocks allow users to easily customize the design and behavior of their landing and front pages.

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Editing Page Blocks

To edit page blocks, simply go to the page you want to edit, and set edit mode to true. This will show options for editing each component on the page, such as the Hero component. For example, you can set a new headline, a new sub-headline, top text, and bottom text.

Overriding Default Pages

By default, page blocks do not override the default default pages. However, you can easily override these pages from the dashboard or admin panel. To do this, go to the blocks section for the page you want to customize. Here, you can edit the blocks for that page and save your changes. When you refresh the page, it will load the updated blocks from the database.

Alternatively, you can download the current configuration of blocks for a page, which will return an array containing all the blocks for that page. You can then replace the default blocks with that array.

Page Settings

By default, the default pages are published and public. This means that they will be visible to all users. However, you can change this in the settings for each page. For example, you can make a page only visible to authenticated users.

Creating New Pages

In addition to customizing the default pages, you can also create new pages using page blocks. To do this, simply create a new page in the dashboard or admin panel, and add the blocks you want to include on that page. You can then preview the page, and publish it when you are satisfied with the design.

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