SaasRock features

Built-in + Ready-to-use features that you can 100% customize. 🚀 = Enterprise-only feature.

  • Admin portal: Manage your SaaS tenants, users, blog, entities, audit trails, API Keys, pricing, and emails.
  • App portal: Your customer's portal with Dashboard and Settings pages: Profile, Members, Subscription, API Keys...
  • Marketing Pages: Landing, changelog, newsletter, contact us, terms and conditions, and privacy policy pages.
  • Authentication: Login, Register, and Forgot/Reset password auth pages + Multi-tenancy support.
  • Subscriptions: Subscription plans/prices with Flat-rate and Per-seat pricing models.
  • Blogging: Publish your blog posts with SEO-ready features.
  • Audit trails: Track the SaaS application usage with Created, Updated, and Deleted events.
  • Entity builder: Create entities with autogenerated views, forms, API, audit trails, and webhooks.
  • Entity Webhooks: Connect with Zappier, hence with +4,000 popular applications like Google Drive, Notion, Asana...
  • API: Let your SaaS users use the API to integrate with other services.
  • Components: More than 50 UI/UX functional components: Inputs, Tables, Buttons, Forms...
  • Roles and Permissions: Admin and Application Roles and Permissions to manage who can access what.
  • Events and Webhooks: Trigger actions when certain events happen with internal or external webhooks to customize logic.
  • Workflows (TODO 🚧)
  • Analytics 🚀: Track your SaaS application usage with built-in page view and event tracking.
  • Email Marketing 🚀: Send emails to your contacts with Postmark broadcasts.
  • Page Block Builder: Create custom pages with blocks like Hero, Features, Pricing, Testimonials, and more.
  • Notifications: Send notifications to your users using
  • Onboarding 🚀: Create a guided tour for your users to onboard them.
  • Help Desk 🚀 (TODO 🚧)
  • Enterprise SSO 🚀 (TODO 🚧)
  • Knowledge Base 🚀 (TODO 🚧)

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